Saturday, January 7, 2012

Conception of God

God (said in a big booming voice)
How do you envision God?  As a witch, do you believe in God?  In Jesus?  How can you have multiple Gods?

I get these questions a lot and I imagine this will only increase as I meet more Christian seminary students.  While the community at PSR is open minded and welcoming to pagans, I imagine that there is still a lot of ignorance about pagan practices.  For most people in this country, pagans and witches means Wicca, which is one kind of paganism but it is not the one that I practice.  But let's not delve into the complicated mess of definitions and traditions (the pagan version of denominations).  The American Goddess Movement is still quite young and even among the believers, there are a lot of discussions about what means what.  I can, however, discuss my own personal approach to the divine.  I have found a beautiful metaphor that describes it perfectly.