About Katie

Trained in Anthropology and Feminist Studies, I am a Taoist Kitchen Witch.  I am a published writer and accomplished photographer, a long time activist, and a fat studies scholar.  After many years in the pagan community, I left to return to college.  Since then I have developed a fondness for Interfaith work, which led me to a career in ministry.  I am currently a graduate student at the Pacific School of Religion, a liberal Christian Seminary in Berkeley, CA, where I am working towards ordination and the development of my spiritual direction practice.

If you would like to know more about my brand of craft or my lineage, please feel free to visit my Witchvox profile. Taken from that profile, I offer you my Likes and Dislikes (just cause I thought these were cute):

Things I Like
  • autumn winds, winter snowfall, spring flowers, and summer bonfires
  • engaging the world rooted in the Shinto belief in kami, the spirits that live in all things
  • finding my way, and losing it, and finding it again
  • that first glimpse of a bright full moon in a dark sky as it peeks through the clouds, which always reminds me of the allure and mystery that first brought me to craft and the satisfaction I feel in being witchy
  • pumpkins, cauldrons, brooms, herbs, bubbling concoctions, tarot cards, and all the other stereotypical accoutrements

Things I Dislike
You know, the normal stuff like
  • unnecessary violence
  • active and persistent intolerance
  • willful ignorance
  • inequality