Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Equinox

Spring has come.

In the middle of this great life shift, as I shed old pieces of myself, I am reminded today that we are never too old for new beginnings.  Like a empty plot of land, flat and filled with nothing more than dirt, our presentation before we fully transform can be deceiving. If we rely too much on the people in our lives to act as a mirror to help us know ourselves, we can be fooled into believing that we are only what we appear to be.

But eventually, spring comes.

Spring comes and we blossom.  That empty plot of land fills with color and life, bees and birds, baby rabbits and squirrels.  We blossom into a magnificent expression of life and joy.  Wе become far more than we imagined we could be.

Have faith in the potential self you are still nurturing inside.  Believe in beginnings.  You can be far more than you are today.  Don't believe only what you see on the outside.  Spring will come.